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Man Pays for a Hotel Room for Lady in Lagos, She Refuses $ex and The “Worst” Happened! (Photos)

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A Nigerian Lady took to twitter to advise her fellow ladies to be more independent, as she told the story of a man who offered to pay her hotel bill, but when she refused having anything intimate with him, he withdrew his offer and asked her to leave the room.

However the tables turned because she’d already paid for the room with her own money and she then asked the man not to bother her anymore, LOL..

She posted on twitter with some screenshots ;

That’s how someone offered to pay for my hotel room in Lagos. Proper begged to pay. When he realized I wasn’t going to F.uck him this happened. Gotta always have your money ladies.

However, a certain Twitter user, Mr Blaze was not totally impressed as he asked; “How do we confirm this. Twitter olosho”

Then she replied by asking who he was; “Please who are you?


That’s what I thought. Now run along little boy.

Mr Blaze in a defiant manner, introduced his proud self ;

My name is mike. I run a small scale business at elegushi plaza. opposite jakande shop rite here in lekki. nd all my goods are imported by my humble self from Dubai. I’m 27. Enough said. Pls who are u. Twitter celebrity with no real life ambition. If i here say u no be olosho

Then the savage lady came back with stronger defense ;

I’m 24. Graduated from University of Sheffield at 20 with a 2:1. Proceeded to go to law school where I was called to bar without failing. Now I’m an in-house lawyer for a reputable school in Abuja and a filmmaker as a side gig. I’ve co-produced movies for DSTV and I also write.


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image Posted On : January 5, 2018

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