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Nigeria has some of the richest pastors worldwide “yet our people are getting poorer” – Femi Falana

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Senior Advocate of Nigeria Femi Falana has in a talk discussed issues plaguing the country, from religious fundamentalism to corruption.

Falana described Ekiti State Governor Ayo Fayose as a “Nigerian Trump” who dabbles in stomach infrastructure, “stealing all the money but giving people just some … tokenism.”

He also expressed worry over the lack of candidates for the 2019 elections, saying: “It is either Buhari or Atiku, we are in trouble.”

On religion, Falana expressed worry over the state of churches in the country, commenting that although Nigeria had “9 or 10” pastors on the Forbes’ richest list, Nigerians are getting poorer.

He also compared churches today to when he was little, discussing attending mission schools built by the Catholic and Anglican churches. “What are we building now? What are our churches giving us?” he asked

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image Posted On : November 14, 2017

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